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Now Meetng Christian Singles is Simple! With Holy Fire

When great Christian Dating Apps are free, why not get involved and grow the community.

Why Choose Holy Fire Christian Dating App?

Find Local Christians

Find Local Christians Find Local Christians Find Local Christians Find Local Christians Find Local Christians.

Chat With Christians

Chat With Christians, you can chat to local Christians easily when you have a mutual match ! Not before, keeping it pain free.

Globally Chat

Change your location to any where in the world and chat from that location.

Integrated Social Network

We have integrated Holy Fire Community directly in to the app, another great way to spread resources, meet people, create events, post forums, chat and more ! Get involved today.


High Quality Chatting

We are always improving the app, making it strong and secure and adding new features all the time.

Check back soon for awesome new updates.


Questions and answer

Is the app free or have any advertising?

Free, and no advertising. It's true.

Is there any Subscription>

Currently there is no subscription, the features are free to use.

How many people?

We are growing every day! Hang in there and you will get super liked by someone in your areas very soon! ( A Magical notification will pop up on your phone telling you !

Canany one send me messages?

Only super likes ( limited amount each day ) can be sent directly to you from another, only once! Else you must have Match with that user, to enable chatting.
You can always unmatched with the user to disable chatting, in which that user will no longer be able to connect with you .

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