19 Sep 2016

First date venue and activities

First date venue and activities

She has finally agreed to go on a date with you and you are probably thinking on a few hundred different possibilities on what to do, where to go in order to impress her. My tip is on the first date, keep it simple.

The following two questions will help you decide on your first date venue and activities:

What would you be most comfortable doing? Coffee? Dinner? Maybe drinks after work?
Go with the coffee option if you want to keep it low key. If you are more interested in her then you can ask her out for a lunch or dinner. One thing to remember though, the more comfortable you are, the more comfortable she feels and the better that your date will go.

If you want to ask her out for dinner but don’t want to go all out either but you still want to impress her. I recommend going to a tapas bar. Tapas are light and you can order a few dishes without breaking your bank. There is also something special about sharing a meal that really bonds people.

What’s the easiest for the two of you? If you both work in the city then you guys could go out for a coffee or lunch on your first date. However it would be worthwhile picking a day that is closer towards the weekend, as usually from mid-week onwards people are less busy and by Friday they are already looking forward to the weekend and hence, they will be in a better mood.

If the date goes really well during the week, then you also will have an opportunity to hang out with them again a few days later on the weekend for your second date.

If you want to really impress your date – make sure that you book a table a few days ahead of time!