19 Sep 2016

Successful Dating & how to secure a second date

Successful Dating & how to secure a second date

You have a date set and you’re finally going to meet the person that you’ve been chatting for weeks.

To make your first date successful, we’ve compiled top 7 tips to help you ace your first date and get a second date.

Body language

Body language plays a huge role in forming first impressions of what your date thinks of you.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to making a good impression on your first date:

Smile – smiling is contagious and it makes people feel at ease straight away around you. It indicates friendliness, openness and it takes down barriers. If your date sees that you’re smiling, they are more likely to smile as well.

Maintain an ‘open’ body language – don’t cross your arms or legs as this will come across as defensive. Instead, lean forward as it shows that you’re interested. Open body language also shows that you’re being genuine, honest and there is nothing to hide. It also signifies confidence which is really attractive in a partner.

Watch your date’s body language – you also want to see the same from your date. However it is perfectly normal at the start of the date to see your date’s body language as a bit closed off as they too would be nervous seeing it’s a first date.

Slowly, you want to see their body language open up which is a good sign that they are also interested in you.

Maintain a good amount of eye contact. This definitely helps you to connect with your date but don’t stare at them for too long as you would come across as being creepy.

For guys – make sure you take care of the bill at the end of your first date. It shows that you’re taking the initiative and girls like to see guys who take charge of the situation.

If you’re the type who would rather split 50:50 on the first date, remember in a few years you probably won’t remember the amount of money that were coming out from your pocket, but you will certainly remember those warm fuzzy feelings if the date went well.

For guys – Line up your second date, before the first one has finished. If during the date you are really interested in her, and you are pretty sure that she is also interested in you, then bring up the topic of a second date. This not only gets your date excited but it also takes away all the post-date stress for both of you, knowing that you have a second date planned.

*Note: this should only be done late in the date just before your first date ended, otherwise you’ll come across as being clingy.

For guys – follow up with her as soon as your first date has finished. This serves two purpose:

• You want to see if she got home OK
• You want to eliminate the post-date stress by hearing from her immediately before your second date

To send a follow-up text is really easy. Just keep it simple and straightforward by saying:
“Make sure you text me when you get home safe”

Then when she gets home she’ll send you a “home safe 🙂” text, which will break that post-date ice.