13 Sep 2016

Tips Optimize Your Christian Dating Profile

Tips Optimize Your  Christian Dating Profile

There once was a time when using Christian dating apps or sites to meet new people was considered as weird or a “taboo”. However in this day and age, meeting potential partners through dating apps is no longer unheard of.

Here we’ll be sharing 5 tips on how to optimise your Holyfire profile so you can get more matches and dates.

1st tip: Make sure that you only use the best photo as your first picture/ profile image
First impression counts and people judge you based on your appearance, whether you like it or not. So put your best face forward by using the best photo as your first profile photo. Your profile picture is the only thing that your potential matches see when they are browsing profiles. Only after they click on your photo will they see your bio or other images.

2nd tip: Your profile photo should only be a picture of you
If you use a group photo as your first image, then users won’t know which one is you out of the group. So save them the time and trouble by using only a photo of you as the profile photo.

You can include a group image, but arrange them more towards the middle section or towards the end.

3rd tip: Use the ‘bio section’ to your advantage

Here you can list some of the things that you’re good at or passionate about but don’t write an essay. The point is that it should be enough to get them to want to get to know you more but don’t give it all away. You don’t want someone to know everything about you even before you meet them.

Always remember this: your bio should be used for one purpose only, that is to start conversations.

4th tip: Want to stand out from the dating crowd? Say something other than just the standard ‘hi’ or ‘hello’
And then expecting to get a reply. If you want to get replies, the best thing is to ask questions about the other person. Asking questions is an excellent way to show them that you’re interested in them and to get the conversations started.

If you don’t get a reply straight away, then wait at least two days before you send them another message. In your follow up message, no need to comment on the fact that he/ she never replied to your first message. Keep it positive!

5th tip: Don’t let the conversations fizzle out
Try to keep the ‘mundane’ conversations to a bare minimum as I mentioned in my earlier post here as you don’t want the conversations to slowly fizzle out. For tips on how to keep the conversations flowing, read my blog on 10 questions to ask on first date.

And if you didn’t get a respond that you want? Don’t sweat it and move on. You don’t need validation from a match and you should be confident in your identity in Christ and what He thinks of you regardless of their response. You need to be secure in who you are and what you bring to the table which is key to any relationships.

If you follow these Top 5 dating Tips, you’ll be well on your way to more matches and dates. If you’re not getting the results that you want, then change your approach. Try different profile images, use different bios or write different starting conversations. Good luck!